Philomene Pirecki

Selected Work

Desire as a Form of Energy
Image Persistence
Time Feels
its ok, we're all heading the same way

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Time Feels

This is a sound work that evokes the resonance of the heart as a biological timekeeper and an emotional measure. It uses samples of my heartbeat recorded in various states of emotion, activity, and rest. Installed inside a bench that functions as a resonating cavity, the piece plays at low frequencies and the work's heavy sonic physicality is primarily felt more than heard. The bench is wrapped in a thick layer of memory foam, which moulds to the body of the person seated on it and temporarily reveals their imprints after they stand up.

Time Feels
4:00 min audio loop
(installation view in we lay here for a while, our feelings running deep, Supplement, New York, May 2017)

* Please listen through headphones or a speaker with a sub. Due to the low frequencies the sound won't be audible otherwise