Philomene Pirecki
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Solo Exhibitions

2017 Supplement, New York - we lay here for a while, our feelings running deep
2015 Frieze New York - Solo presentation in Frame (Supplement, London)
2014 Limbo, Margate - A plastic resource
2014 Unosunove, Rome - (2person w/ Jamie Shovlin)
2014 Truth & Consequences, Geneva - In the Wake (2person w/ Steve Bishop cur. Julia Marchand)
2013 Supplement, London - Image Persistence
2013 Green on Red, Dublin - Frame, Fold, Fracture
2012 MOT International, Brussels - Interiors (2person w/ Aukje Koks)
2012 Work in Progress, Clockwork Gallery, Berlin (cur. Emma Astner)
2011 Laure Genillard, London - Philomene Pirecki
2008 Brown, London - some things
2008 Room Gallery, London - By Itself (cur. Tamsin Clark)
2008 Raketenstation, Stiftung Insel Hombroich - from outside in and inside out



Group Exhibitions

2017 Arcadia Missa / Supplement, New York - Everyone Is Rich Now Apparently
2016 Kunstmuseum Luzern - Love Among the Artists (cur. Laure Prouvost within her solo exhibition)
2016 Chelsea Space, London - DM/1978 Talks to DM/2010 - (cur. Hana Noorali & Lynton Talbot)
2016 Supplement, London - Condo
2015 The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art (NGCA), Sunderland - Crab Walk - (cur. George Vasey & Ned McConnell)
2015 Pace, London - Signal Failure - (curated by Chewdays)
2015 Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris - Transmission: Recreation and Repetition - (cur. Sarina Basta)
2015 Karst, Plymouth - Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do - (cur. George Vasey & Ned McConnell)
2015 Supplement, London - Sunday Supplement
2014 Tate Liverpool - The Serving Library - inclusion in The Serving Library collection
2014 State of Concept, Athens - Panda Sex - (cur. Tom Morton)
2014 South London Gallery - Tomorrow: London
2014 Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin - Collecting Mode
2014 Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridge - The Influence of Furniture on Love
2014 Supplement, London - Ends Again
2014 Project Number, London; AND/OR, London; Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge - Foam - (cur. Mat Jenner)
2014 Alison Jacques Gallery, London - Matter and Memory
2014 Southard Reid, London - Staging Interruptions (Stream of Life) - (cur. Mary Rinebold & Sarina Basta)
2013 South London Gallery - Modern Draperies (an event cur. by Anna Gritz)
2013 Hidde van Seggelen Gallery, London - Mind Rhymes - (curated by Tom Benson)
2013 Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam - to scrap a proportion - (curated by James Beckett)
2013 South London Gallery - Who Runs May Read, an evening screening
2013 Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridge - Relatively Absolute
2012 SPACE, London - Dawdle - (curated by Gareth Bell-Jones)
2012 Cristina Guerra Gallery, Lisbon - A man is walking down the street. At a certain moment, he tries to recall something, but the recollection escapes him. Automatically, he slows down - (curators: Luiza Teixeira de Freitas & Thom O’Nions)
2012 Green on Red Gallery, Dublin - Vexed Endings
2012 401 Gallery, Berlin - A Photograph - (curated by Stuart Bailes)
2012 Supplement, London - Casting Glances in All Directions
2012 Laure Genillard, London - 270112 Abstractions
2011 SPACE, London - The Anti-Library - (curated by Paul Pieroni)
2011 CHELSEA space, London - Aftermath: Objects From Projects -(curated by Laure Genillard)
2010 Four Boxes Gallery, Skive, Denmark - Session_12_Words + Untitled - (curated by AmNudenDa)
2010 Gallery 400, Chicago - The Plastic Arts with Dexter Sinister
2010 The Barbican Art Gallery, London - Words Event - (curated by Rosie Cooper)
2010 Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris - Continuous Movement of Ideas - (curated by Guillaume Breton)
2010 Studio 44, Stockholm - Acute Melancholia - (curated by Linda Persson)
2009 Am Nuden Da, London - Words
2009 David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen - Paper Show - (curated by Adam Thomas)
2009 Thomas Dane Gallery, London - Double Object - (curated by Leigh Robb)
2009 Contemporain 405, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou Rendez-vous
2008 Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London - Open Folds - (curated by Gemma Lloyd & RCA curating students)

Awards / Residencies


2013 Shortlisted for the Max Mara Art Prize for Women (Fifth Edition 2013-2015)
2012 The Mirror, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (residency)
2008 Raketenstation, Stiftung Insel Hombroich, Neuss, Germany (residency)




2007-2013 Occasionals a peripatetic curatorial platform for exhibitions, screenings, readings, performances & discussions, including:
2013 Provisional Information - group exhibition at Camberwell Space, London: Anna Barham, Tom Benson, Bettina Buck, Will Holder & Robert Ashley, Ian Law, Sara MacKillop, Francesco Pedraglio, David Raymond Conroy, Dexter Sinister, & Cally Spooner
2013 Screensaver/Desktop Images (collaboration with Supplement Gallery) for the duration of Wysing Arts Centre's one day music & art festival, with Aaron Angell, Hannah Black, Juliette Bonneviot, Alistair Frost, Kati Karki, Lawrence Leaman, Katja Novitskova, Yuri Pattison, Philomene Pirecki, Camilla Wills
2011 Provisional Information - MK Gallery project space, Milton Keynes, with Anna Barham, Tom Benson, John Cage, Sara MacKillop, Dexter Sinister
2011 Born in Flames, film screening of Lizzie Borden’s film and launch of the book 'Born in Flames', edited and designed by Kaisa Lassinaro
2011 Dust Bowl - one evening exhibition curated by Jesse Ash. With Jesse Ash, Jack Friswell, Nevine Mahmoud, Will Whittle
2010 Two Dialogues - Cally Spooner, Beatrice Gibson
2009 Single, Plural, Multiple - a screening of five short films, selected by five different people, accompanied by twenty-five short texts about the films. Contributors: Richard Birkett, Vanessa Desclaux, Mike Sperlinger, Cally Spooner, & Marina Vishmidt
2009 Middle of Nowhere, readings by Will Holder
2009 Argument from Design and Mannerism to Mind, film screening by Lois Rowe
2008 Double Object, 1 day exhibition: Bradford Bailey, Vanessa Billy, Jason Dungan, Barry Flanagan, Michel Francois, Glenn Ligon, Elizabeth McAlpine, Sam Porritt, Dieter Roth, Maria Zahle, cur. by Leigh Robb.
2008 In The Shape of What We Know, film screening by Juan Cruz
Everyone - Peggy Guggenheim / Frank O’Hara / Gertrude Stein. 3 projections by Ian Whittlesea
2007 Changing the System, film screening by Andrew Chesher)




2016 Image of an Exhibition, a project documenting the changing use and roles of exhibition photography, edited by Nicholas Smith, Relief Press. 8-page photographic insert contribution (pg 107-114), my work is discussed in the text 'Ghost Photography' by Tim Dixon (pg 99-106)
2015 Transmission, exhibition catalogue, Beaux Arts de Paris éditions
2014 In the Wake, exhibition publication with contributions by Steve Bishop, Peter Burleigh, Julia Marchand, Laura McLean- Ferris, Tom Morton, Philomene Pirecki, David Price, Bastien Rousseau
2013 Provisional Information, produced a publication to accompany the exhibition at Camberwell Space with commissioned texts by Gil Leung, Laura McLean-Ferris, and Gareth Bell-Jones
2012 Session_12_Words + Untitled, catalogue for exhibition (2010) curated by AmNudenDa at Four Boxes Gallery, Skive, Denmark
2012 contribution to Starry Rubric Publication, for Wysing Arts Centre, designers An Endless Supply
2011 contribution to Studies for a Catalogue - Study for an Exhibition of Violence in Contemporary Art (Reprise 1964/2011) a publication by Mathieu Copeland
2011 Contribution to The Responsive Subject a publication by FormContent for their exhibition of Guy Mees, Gyan Panchal, Ian Kiaer and João Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, at MuZee, Ostend, Belgium
2011 Aftermath a catalogue on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Aftermath: Objects From Projects’ at Chelsea Space, London
2010 Contribution to John Smith - Solo Show catalogue, compiled & edited by RCA curating students, designed by SA|M|AEL
2009 Single, Plural, Multiple, produced a publication of commissioned texts for a screening event at Occaisonals, contributions by Richard Birkett, Vanessa Desclaux, Mike Sperlinger, Cally Spooner, & Marina Vishmidt
2009 Double Object catalogue, on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Double Object’ at Thomas Dane Gallery, London


Articles / Reviews


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